Is the Sol Lamp bright enough to read with?

Yes. The Sol lamp has three levels of brightness:

  • Candle
  • Ambient
  • Task / reading light

At the highest level (3) it's perfect for easy reading.

Do your lamps include lightbulbs?

All EDGAR lamps are supplied with LED bulbs, and are inclusive of price.

How efficient are your lightbulbs?

All our bulbs are listed as energy-efficient. We were listed as A +. Now, using the new guide, our bulbs are listed as energy-efficient F or G, which is a good level. The new guide has reindexed A listed products down the scale to make way for technological improvements in energy efficiency.
For further information see the YouTube link:

What does 2200K mean?

This means that the colour temperature of the bulbs is 2200K, which ensures a warm ambient glow.

Colour temperature is a scale that measures how ‘warm’ (yellow) or ‘cool’ (blue) the light from a particular source is. It is measured in Kelvins (abbreviated to K), and the higher the number, the 'cooler' the light. The lower the 'K' number, the 'warmer' the light.

What does CRI >90 mean?

This means that our LED bulbs are CRI rated at over 90, ensuring a comfortable light with realistic tones and highlights.

The value of CRI (Colour Rendering Index) indicates how good a light source is able to show the real colour of an object. The colour authenticity is better at a higher CRI-value. The maximum CRI-value is 100 (which is equal to the CRI of the sun).

Where can I find replacement bulbs?

Replacement bulbs are available at our online store.

Will an incandescent bulb work with my EDGAR lamp?

All drivers in our lamps are specially tuned for our LED bulbs, and incandescent bulbs are not recommended for use with our lamps.

Do you have a store I can visit?

EDGAR is available at quality lighting and homeware stores across Europe, or available for order online at

What power plugs are your lamps supplied with?

Our lamps are supplied with Type C plugs, with Type G adaptors included for orders in the UK.

Will my lamp work in my country?

All EDGAR lamps are rated at 220V / 50Hz. If your power source varies, a relevant voltage converter will be required.

Do your products ever go on sale?

Occasionally we have seasonal sales of our product; the best way to be notified of this is by subscribing to our newsletter.

Your website reads a little strange in German/French?

Whilst our team operates primarily in English, we are doing our best to offer our website in German and French where possible. However, there may be some errors in translation, so feel free to report any inaccuracies you come across.

Do you have a newsletter?

You can subscribe to our newsletter here.