Focus Charm Chill

SOL Lamp

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Tap on, Tap off with touch-sensitive dimming. Minimal design and easy function.

 Select the mood with the SOL lamp's preset lighting levels - focus, charm or chill.

Easy-on-the-eye premium LED bulb included. Long-lasting and efficient.
Height 24.5cm Ø11.5cm

Free Range Indoors or Out

ROY Portable

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Perfect for kitchen island, coffee table or console. Roy goes wherever the action is!

USB-C charging cable included. One charge last up to 24 hrs.

Push button with 4-levels of light. Task, play, candle, sleep.
Height 21 cm Ø17.5cm

Natural Warm Glow

ORBIS Marble

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Natural marble lamp base with a dimmer dial for smooth dimming. Elegant in its simplicity.

Task light for work or wind down to relax in a warm, soft glow. Includes a long-life Led bulb.

A perfect addition to your interior. Cotton-covered cord, brass dial.
Height 25cm Ø12.5cm


Based in Berlin, EDGAR supplies direct to consumers and leading design, interior and gift stores throughout Europe. Good lighting makes all the difference.  

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